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Hello everyone I wanted to share some exciting news about a new game coming soon. It is a reboot to The Magical Curse. Originally made and released for the 2023 Halloween Spooktackular the Magical Curse is what I would say is Jumanji combined with the Witcher in a 2D SNES RPG like game. Now you may be wondering what about the Chronicles of Burnet. Will that game will still be canon once the reboot is released. Now your big question is probably this. Why reboot it? Well the main reason is because the original creator and lead writer of the games, Jose Perez wanted to do a reboot mainly because he didn't want relationships in the game. Due to some complications behind those past relationships. Now the games themselves will still stay up and be playable but the game franchise will get a new and better game that we are gonna call Magical Curse Remastered. Now below is more info about the game.

About the Game:

A dangerous criminal escapes there execution. What they discover is worse for the world and for the people after him. He discovered a board game that had special powers. If you played it you became stuck inside the game unless you could find a way to escape. This board game falls into the sewer system and lands back to a couple of newly graduated high school students. The teens open the game and discover 4 necklaces, with a note. Our main character named Jose and his friend Martinez return back with their friends. Once setting up the game. The necklaces begin to shine and all of them get dragged into the game and on their way they encounter monsters, old friends, and past memories Haunting them, and the evil Crystal Queen who wants to cause a curse colliding the real world with the fake one. Thus beginning the Magical Curse. They also discover the agency looking for the escaped convict down there inside the game. The two groups agree to work together to free the board game of it's evil. Follow our groups as they venture off into the fantasy world of The Magical Curse. Includes sad and happy moments, Action, and more. Will the group defeat the Crystal Queen and whatever comes across them and reach success and escape this game back into the real world? Will they uncover the true origins of the Magical Curse? 

Below is the poster art for the game.


The game will be made in RPG Maker MZ like the original was. However this game will have different missions and will have a slightly different story with the main plot of the franchise still being the main focus.

I hope you all are excited for the reboot and finally your probably wondering when will it release. Well it'll at the earliest be released later this month much later. At the latest it'll be released in Mid-December. I hope you all understand why we rebooted it and I hope you all will play and enjoy the game that we have in store for you.