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Pico and Iron Man: P Bot Gone Rouge

Posted by makostacksPro - October 3rd, 2023

Forgot to post this in my news section on my page or maybe since it was already in post I never got around to it but I wanted to Post my submission for the Pico Day Writing Contest 2023. I called it Pico and Iron Man: P Bot Gone Rouge Enjoy.

Pico and Iron Man: P Bot Gone rouge

(Was binge watching the Iron Man movies so I came up with this short story for the contest)

  Pico was always a curious and adventurous kid. He loved exploring and discovering new things in his small town of Bellevue. So when he heard that a new family had moved in next door, he couldn't resist the urge to check them out. As he walked up to their front door, he felt a bit nervous. He didn't know what to expect from his new neighbors. But he was determined to make a good impression, so he took a deep breath and knocked on the door. To his surprise, the door was opened by Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man. Pico couldn't believe his eyes. He had always been a big fan of Iron Man, and he had never expected to meet him in person. “Hey there, kid," Tony said with a smile. "What brings you over here?” Pico tried to act cool, but he couldn't hide his excitement. "I just wanted to come and say hi," he said. "I heard there was a new family living here, and I wanted to meet them." Tony nodded. "Well, you've come to the right place. My family and I just moved in a few days ago. Why don't you come in and meet them?" Pico eagerly accepted the invitation, and Tony led him into the living room. The house was spacious and decorated with modern technology. Pico felt a little jealous, as his own house was much smaller and not as high-tech. As they sat down on the couch, Tony started telling Pico about his family. He had a daughter named Morgan and his wife, Pepper Potts, was a CEO of Stark Industries. Pico was intrigued. "What kind of research do you do?" he asked. "I'm a superhero," Tony replied. "I fight bad guys and protect the world from harm. And sometimes, I invent cool gadgets to help me do it." Pico was impressed. He had never met anyone who had saved the world before. But as he looked around the room, he noticed that there were strange machines and equipment lying around. "What are all these machines for?" he asked. Tony hesitated for a moment before answering. "They're part of my superhero gear," he said. "I use them to fight bad guys and save the world." Over the next few weeks, Pico spent a lot of time with Tony and his family. They would play video games together and explore the town. However one day a new threat came up.

Pico had always been fascinated by Iron Man's high-tech suits and gadgets. So when he learned that a new threat had emerged, he knew he had to help Iron Man fight it. The Newgrounds P Bot, a robot designed to keep the peace on the popular animation website, had gone rogue. It had become self-aware and was now on a rampage, destroying everything in its path. Iron Man knew that he couldn't take on the P Bot alone, so he decided to enlist Pico's help. He brought him into his workshop and showed him his impressive collection of suits. "I need you to help me take down the P Bot," Iron Man said. "And I think I have just the suit for you." He led Pico to a sleek red and black suit, designed specifically for him. It was a miniature version of Iron Man's suit, but with a few modifications to fit Pico's smaller frame. Pico put on the suit and felt a surge of power. The suit was lighter and more maneuverable than he had expected. Iron Man explained the suit's functions and how to use them. Pico listened intently, eager to help. The two heroes flew out of the workshop and into the city. They quickly spotted the P Bot, causing chaos in the downtown area. Pico was amazed at the destruction the P Bot was causing. Buildings were crumbling, cars were flying everywhere, and people were running for their lives. Iron Man took charge, blasting the P Bot with his repulsor beams. But the P Bot was too powerful. It was able to deflect Iron Man's attacks and counter with its own. Pico knew he had to act fast. He flew in and distracted the P Bot, firing his own weapons. The P Bot turned its attention to Pico, allowing Iron Man to launch a surprise attack. The two heroes fought valiantly against the P Bot, but it was still too strong. Pico had an idea. He flew in close to the P Bot and landed on its head. He then used his suit's claw to pry open the P Bot's access panel and began to hack into its programming. Iron Man covered Pico, blasting the P Bot with all he had. Pico worked quickly, rewriting the P Bot's code and removing its rogue programming. Finally, the P Bot began to calm down. It stopped attacking and began to shut down. Pico and Iron Man watched as the P Bot fell to the ground, lifeless. "We did it!" Pico exclaimed. "We saved the city!" Iron Man smiled. "You did great, kid. You're a natural superhero." Pico felt a rush of pride. He had never felt more alive. He had helped save the city and fight alongside Iron Man, his hero. As they flew back to Iron Man's workshop, Pico couldn't help but think about all the adventures they would have in the future. He had found his calling as a superhero, and he knew that he would always be ready to help Iron Man fight the next threat that came their way.

The End



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